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changdeokgung palace

One of my favorite things to do while I’m in Asia is to see the palaces and temples, there is simply nothing else like them in the world. I have always found them so beautiful and unique!

No that’s not Starbucks.

My roommate Marlo, another girl from Colorado/my mother agency, and I spent a day exploring Changdeokgung (sound it out) Palace and the surrounding area. When we arrived we walked around the old streets surrounding the palace grounds, which were a lot bigger and hillier than I expected. We grabbed lunch at a tiny place, probably had enough room for 10 people, called Uncle’s Bob. I wanted to tell them that it should be Uncle Bob’s or Bob’s Uncle but after only being able to communicate what to order through pointing at pictures I decided that might not work so well. The food was pretty good after all!img_6804I’ve found around the city that they have their own Korean pancakes here, and there happened to be one right next to our lunch spot so we gave it a try. At first I was confused because it was green and a bit savory and then the center was full of honey and peanuts. It was pretty good, not like the typical American buttermilk pancake though that’s for sure.

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Hole-in-the-wall pancake place!

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Kitty says “Good”

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My folded in half, green-tinted honey/nut filled pancake.

Changdeokgung Palace was originally built in 1405 but after a few invasions and damages, and 600 years later, only parts are more original than others. The Palace which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site includes a large garden also called the Secret Garden that you can tour as an additional part of your visit, we took the tour and I would definitely recommend it! The gardens are huge, it accounts for two thirds of the palace grounds so it was a couple hour tour but it was very interesting seeing the gardens and learning the history of what we were walking around. I can only imagine what the gardens look like in the spring with the trees blossoming or the fall with the changing colors, anything but the dead of winter probably would’ve made it ten times more beautiful than it already was.

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Walking through a gate that is supposed to bring eternal youth.

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Such beautiful designs and colors

Changdeokgung Palace was a beautiful sight to see, and although I can’t compare it to the other palaces in Seoul quite yet I would definitely recommend a visit to this palace.

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I love having successful touristy weekends! Check.


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  1. Gosh do I remember that tour of the changdeokgung palace back in March 1968. Some day I’ll have to look in my old photos because I believe I have a few pictures from that tour. Enjoy your stay in South Korea.


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