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street food finds in myeongdong


Last weekend I visited Myeong-dong shopping street, mostly to eat all the street food I had been reading about online since I arrived in Seoul. This street is one of the top rated things to see/do according to TripAdvisor and basically it is full of shopping, both local and international brands, cosmetic shops, K-pop souvenirs galore, and food.

I arrived at Myeong-dong at around 7pm on a Friday as I have read that going in the evening is the best time for the food tents and I believe that to be true. The streets were lined with food and I was starving and overwhelmed and super excited to try some of what I was seeing! Although I couldn’t handle eating it all, I enjoyed what I had and taking pictures of what I didn’t get to try. There’s always next time too!

A cup of Sweet and Sour Chicken for 5,000 KRW or about $4.20.

First I had this cup of sweet and sour chicken that also had mini cylinder shaped rice cakes mixed in, which seems to be a normal addition to most dishes here. If I’m correct the rice cakes are called garaetteok. Overall, this was delicious! I’ve honestly had some of the best fried food and chicken in Asia.

Egg bread for 2,000 KRW or about $1.70.

Inside of the egg bread

After shopping around for a while I decided to try something I had been looking forward to eating after reading about it. This mini loaf, egg bread they call it, can be described as corn bread with an egg in the middle of it. Most of the food tents cook them right there in a mini oven of sorts and oh my goodness I was not disappointed, this was so good. Very simple concept but oh so yummy. I would recommend walking around the market before deciding on getting this egg bread to find the tent that looks the freshest and also the cheapest, I found some were cheaper than others although not by much.

Pancake for 1,500 KRW or about $1.25.

Korean hotteok is usually served folded in half in a cup.

Finally I had to get one of my already favorites, a sweet Korean pancake or hotteok. If you know me, I am a sucker for anything labeled pancake and I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to try a Korean one. The ones at Myong-dong were a little smaller than some others I’ve had here and the one I had in Insadong is still by far the best but this one was still very good! After all it’s dough filled with sugar, how can it not be good?They have a lot of interesting street food in Myeong-dong and it was fun being able to walk around to see it all. Here are some other interesting finds that I didn’t get to try on this visit.

Pork belly kimchi vegetable rolls

These were very popular, red bean and mocha covered strawberry.

Tornado potato, spiraled potato on a stick with flavored powder to dip in.

Larger than your head cotton-candy

Spaghetti like cut potato wrapped shrimp


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