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After two months in Seoul, it’s time to say goodbye. Or as the guy who worked at the gym I went to every day would say as I left, “bye-bye!”. […]

animal noises

The Japanese do things a little differently.. – Cats go nya -Dogs go wawawa -Cows go mowwww


“Your eyes are like gold, the richest gold you can buy.” -As told by a makeup artist (I’m flattered)

language barrier

For the most part, I have been so lucky to be able to have English as my first language because almost everywhere I’ve been the majority can speak it. Although, […]

this beautiful city

I never expected to fall so much in love with this city. It’s so beautiful here, the culture, the people, the scenery, everything! I’m amazed and so happy to be […]

is this edible?

Food is quite the experience in this country. In fact, it’s very common here for a local to ask a foreigner “Are you used to Japanese food yet?” And least […]

tokyo, japan!

After an hour and a half drive from the airport on what they call the Airport Limousine, which for the record is not so limousine like, passing scenery from farming […]
tokyo, japan!