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bali pt. 1

My boyfriend and I got to vacation at one of the most beautiful and romantic place on earth and I still can’t believe it happened. I’m so happy to be […]
bali pt. 1

so lucky

I am so lucky. So lucky to have this guy by my side, so lucky to travel the world, and so so lucky to experience Singapore with someone I love. […]
so lucky

the best walks home

Reasons why I enjoy walking home instead of taking the metro: I decided to take the 30 minute walk home after a casting this week and, after noticing I felt […]

the working life

The first couple of weeks working here has been a whirlwind. My feet are sore every day and I’m quickly being adjusted to life here in Singapore. I have felt […]

melting pot

As I experience more and more of this country I see all the different ways it is a melting pot. First, it is a literal place where I am melting […]


Twelve hours to Tokyo (which I realized I have missed dearly being there), two hours delayed waiting in the airport, seven hours to Singapore, 2am taxi ride to the apartment, […]